elevator servicesThere are approximately 900,000 elevators currently in use in the United States. Each of these elevators will require maintenance at least once every 12 months to prevent small problems from becoming big disasters.

There are many factors that can contribute to malfunctioning residential elevators. However, by taking preventative steps and recognizing the signs an elevator needs maintenance, you can keep your property’s elevator from breaking down.

Consider the following malfunctions exhibited by elevators across the U.S. and how professional elevator services can help correct them:

Misaligned motor drives

One of the most common malfunctions in many American elevators is a misaligned motor drive. Shaft alignment is absolutely critical when it comes to a properly functioning elevator.

When the motor drive is misaligned, it can cause wear and tear on the motor bearings. Elevator repair services can detect this problem with the help of laser measuring equipment.

Contamination of elevator oil

Wear and tear can cause particles of metal to contaminate the oil of the elevator. Oil contamination, as well as improper lubrication, can prevent proper elevator functioning and movement.

Elevator services can analyze your elevator’s oil for contaminants or motor wear and tear. The oil will exhibit certain properties depending on the problem occurring with the elevator itself.

Power failures

Voltage updates to a building’s utility system can cause damage to a building’s elevator. This is because the elevator itself quires a surprisingly large amount of power. While power failures in the elevator itself aren’t dangerous, it can cause significant delays for residents or patrons.

Elevator services can detect problems with the power of the elevator by performing a power quality survey. These surveys can help to uncover faults such as over voltage.

The sheaves are worn

Regular elevator inspections will often catch potential damage to the elevator’s sheaves before it can cause any real damage. However, once the sheaves have begun to wear down it can cause further wear on the ropes of the elevator.

Elevator services can either choose to replace the sheaves or regroove them. This will not only prevent damage from happening to the hoist ropes but will also help the ropes stay in good shape for a longer period of time.

Simple elevator repair for common malfunctions is far easier than attempting to fix a heavy-duty elevator disaster. If you’re wondering when to replace or repair an elevator, now may be the best time. Contact Shaw Elevator today to get your residential elevators back up and running today.