elevator repairChoosing an elevator for a home is a great way to ensure the safety of those who are unable to take the stairs. Residents and workers carrying heavy loads, small children, strollers, or have mobility issues can all benefit from a residential and commercial elevator installation.

However, while elevators are considered to be up to 20 times safer than escalators, it’s still necessary to have your property’s elevator inspected regularly. For those who are new to elevator installation and the elevator maintenance Seattle provides, the rate of which your elevator should be inspected may not be known.

How frequently should an elevator get maintenance?
The average amount of time allotted between each elevator maintenance inspection varies from state to state. Some states, in fact even some counties within the state, require elevators in both commercial and residential properties to receive an inspection at least once within an 18 month period.

The safety code for elevator inspections according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers involves elevator repair, maintenance, construction, design, inspection, and operation. Ultimately, how frequently you should call for elevator repair and inspection is determined by the following.

  • The elevator model
     There is a wide variety of elevator models available for residential and commercial properties. Like any other appliance, these models use different parts and require different maintenance schedules. Contact your elevator repair service or installer for a specific time frame regarding when your elevator model should be inspected.
  • Your elevator contract
     The company you hired to install your elevator will have multiple options available to help you keep up with your elevator maintenance. Consult your contract for a more detailed account of the options available for elevator inspection schedules and coverage.

  • The typical amount of time
    Even if your installer doesn’t have the available information for how frequently your residential or commercial elevator should be inspected, you can get the information you need after a quick internet search. It’s typically suggested that elevators are inspected every 12 months. Additionally, you may need to provide elevator repair every few years depending on the age of your elevator.

It’s essential for all residential and commercial elevators to be inspected regularly so as to avoid any potential safety hazards. To keep your elevator running as smoothly as possible, contact Shaw Elevator today.