how long does it take to install an elevatorResidential elevators are a rising trend in universal design, but they’re also a necessity for those unable to take the stairs due to disability, old age, and heavy loads. For this reason, a residential elevator installation for your apartment building is a fine choice to consider.

However, you have various decisions to make prior to installing an elevator in your apartment building whether the elevator is for accessibility or tenants’ convenience. Examine the following types of elevators in the home to determine which may work best for your building.

Types Of Residential Elevators Seattle Offers
There are a few different types of elevators to choose from prior to installation. Some of the most popular types include the following:

  • Pneumatic elevators
    These elevators take up less space in the building and move using air pressure. Essentially a small tube within a large tube, these elevators aren’t unlike that of a bank deposit tube. However, the small size of these elevators come at a cost. Although elevators are 20 times safer than escalators, pneumatic elevators are only capable of carrying 550 lbs at a given time.
  • Traction elevators
    ┬áThese elevators are the least expensive of residential elevator types, but they also move the slowest. They work by moving up and down a track using a counterweight. Despite their speed, these elevators are often favored because they don’t require a machine room.

  • Hydraulic elevators
    These elevators take up more space than the other types, but they also move considerably faster and make less noise. Hydraulic elevators work through the use of a hydraulic tank and controller.

Residential Elevator Maintenance
Whether you choose to install a hydraulic elevator or a traction elevator, it’s absolutely essential you speak to professional elevator services before making a decision. Seattle elevator services can answer your questions such as “How long does it take to install an elevator?” and “How often should I contact elevator maintenance?”

Elevator maintenance is crucial to keep your residential elevator up and running. What’s more, a functioning elevator may be the only way some of your tenants can move freely about the building.

A residential elevator installation is great for making your apartment building more accessible to your tenants. For answers to your elevator installation questions such as “How long does it take to install an elevator?” and “How frequently should an elevator get maintenance?” contact Shaw Elevator today.