If you’ve ever doubted the need for elevator maintenance, New York City’s elevators are bound to change your mind. According to a recent report by the New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the city’s private elevators are not only unsafe but are also missing hazardous violations.

Auditors inspected elevators in nine private buildings across the city’s five boroughs.

The auditors and inspectors found falsely certified elevator inspections. Neither could they find the devices keeping the elevator doors from opening between floors.

What’s worse, two elevators in two separate buildings showed cables with signs of wear and tear.

“In a vertical city,” DiNapoli said in a statement, “with tens of thousands of elevators carrying millions of people, it is unacceptable that New Yorkers should have to worry about false inspections or hazardous conditions.”

“Even in a limited group of inspections,” said DiNapoli, “we found nearly every one missed violations that could pose risks to safety.”

Why Is Elevator Maintenance So Important?

Elevator maintenance is not only important, it’s critical to the safety of the American public. Whether you’ve chosen to invest in a residential elevator installation or you’re using an elevator in a commercial building, the elevator needs to be properly cared for to avoid breakdowns, drops, and other hazards.

Although the issues discussed above occurred in New York City, there are up to 900,000 elevators in the United States. Each one needs to be in top working order.

When Does My Elevator Need Maintenance?

It’s recommended by the professionals to have your elevator maintenanced at least once every 12 months. When you stay on top of your elevator’s maintenance, you’re less likely to be surprised by costly repair issues later down the road.

Additionally, ask yourself whether your elevator may be a good candidate for modernization. Any elevator that’s over the age of 20 years is considered a decent candidate for modernization and may save you money later because of less frequent breakdowns.

When you’ve decided on a residential elevator installation, don’t forget about hiring a professional for elevator maintenance every 12 months. Elevator repair and maintenance is critical to ensure your residential elevator installation was worth the investment. For more information on maintenance for elevators in the home, contact Shaw Elevator today.