elevatorsHaving an elevator in an apartment building or home can be especially beneficial to creating a stress-free environment. Residential elevators make it easier for those who are disabled, elderly, or carrying small children or strollers to travel up to higher floors.

However, if you choose to have an elevator in your apartment building or home, it’s essential that you keep it up to date on repairs. A maintenance inspection should be performed on any home elevator every 12 months. To help avoid problems with your tenants, guests, or relatives, here are three signs your residential elevator needs an inspection, and fast.

  1. The elevator changes speed
    One sign you may need to call elevator services for a repair is if your elevator has been slowing down. Changes in speed can mean that your elevator’s under too much stress and the wear and tear of pulling large parties every day is taking a toll.
    Elevators can speed up and slow down before reaching a floor, but the acceleration lasts only a moment. If the speed shifts continues to shift after the elevator has already reached a floor, it may be time for an inspection.

  3. The elevator stops mid-level
    When your elevator is mid-leveling, or when it stops slightly below the floor or above the floor, it can mean the brakes are wearing down. This can be dangerous not only because of the danger of an elevator having faulty brakes, but also because tenants who are unaware of the difference in floor level can trip and fall. Mid-leveling worsens over time, so as soon as you recognize it be sure to contact an elevator company for repairs as soon as possible.

  5. The elevator continues to break down
    One of the biggest and most obvious signs your elevator requires maintenance is when the elevator continues to break down. Elevators typically last up to 20 years, but they require an inspection every 12 months or sooner. Definitely call an elevator repair service should your elevator refuse to work, mid-level, or the doors refuse to open or close more than once in a week’s time.

Having a working elevator in your building is essential for those that use it as a necessary form of transport. It’s also essential for keeping your tenants safe and secure. For professional and quality elevator repair for your residential home or building, contact Shaw Elevator, one of Seattle’s premier elevator companies.